Changes in nbformat


`5.0 on GitHub`__

  • Starting with 5.0, nbformat is now Python 3 only (>= 3.5)
  • Add execution timings in code cell metadata for v4 spec. "metadata": { "execution": {...}} should be populated with kernel-specific timing information.
  • Documentation for how markup is used in notebooks added
  • Link to json schema docs from format page added
  • Documented the editable metadata flag
  • Update description for collapsed field
  • Documented nbformat versions 4.0-4.3 with accurate json schema specification files
  • Clarified info about name’s meaning for cells
  • Added a default execution_count of None for new_output_cell(‘execute_result’)
  • Added support for handling nbjson kwargs
  • Wheels now correctly have a LICENSE file
  • Travis builds now have a few more execution environments


4.4 on GitHub

  • Explicitly state that metadata fields can be ignored.
  • Introduce official jupyter namespace inside metadata (metadata.jupyter).
  • Introduce source_hidden and outputs_hidden as official front-end metadata fields to indicate hiding source and outputs areas. NB: These fields should not be used to hide elements in exported formats.
  • Fix ending the redundant storage of signatures in the signature database.
  • nbformat.validate() can be set to not raise a ValidationError if additional properties are included.
  • Fix for errors with connecting and backing up the signature database.
  • Dict-like objects added to NotebookNode attributes are now transformed to be NotebookNode objects; transformation also works for .update().


4.3 on GitHub

  • A new pluggable SignatureStore class allows specifying different ways to record the signatures of trusted notebooks. The default is still an SQLite database. See Signature storage for more information.
  • and nbformat.write() accept file paths as bytes as well as unicode.
  • Fix for calling nbformat.validate() on an empty dictionary.
  • Fix for running the tests where the locale makes ASCII the default encoding.
  • Include nbformat-schema files (v3 and v4) in nbformat-schema npm package.
  • Include configuration for appveyor’s continuous integration service.



4.2 on GitHub

  • Update nbformat spec version to 4.2, allowing JSON outputs to have any JSONable type, not just object, and mime-types of the form application/anything+json.
  • Define basics of authors in notebook metadata. nb.metadata.authors shall be a list of objects with the property name, a string of each author’s full name.
  • Update use of traitlets API to require traitlets 4.1.
  • Support trusting notebooks on stdin with cat notebook | jupyter trust



4.1 on GitHub

  • Update nbformat spec version to 4.1, adding support for attachments on markdown and raw cells.
  • Catch errors opening trust database, falling back on :memory: if the database cannot be opened.


4.0 on GitHub

The first release of nbformat as its own package.